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Empower Your Next-Gen Workforce

Rethink the solution to workforce challenges: Youth Apprenticeships

In today’s full-employment economy businesses are struggling to attract, develop and retain the workforce needed to sustain and grow their company. With 94% of students uninterested in the skilled trades due to lack of exposure and training, talent shortages are exploding.

That’s why GPS Education Partners (GPS Ed) is dedicated to providing immersive work-based learning experiences for high school juniors and seniors through Youth Apprenticeships in our communities.

Together, we can bridge the skills gap, launching students into careers in manufacturing, automotive, and construction – all while developing a future workforce that aligns with your company’s skills needs.

Benefits to You as an Employer: 

Build strong connections with local schools and community partners.
Recruit, train and retain the next generation of skilled employees that can grow with your company.
Contribute to the college and career readiness of high school students.
Mentor diverse learners, enriching their professional competencies and skills.
Motivate and support students as they explore additional training and education.

Interested in welcoming students through a Youth Apprenticeship at your company? Fill out the form below to learn more:

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See How Work-based Learning Helped Komatsu Build Their Workforce.

How GPS Ed has Helped Businesses & Students

Our business partners extend permanent job offers to more than 75 percent of the graduating youth apprentices annually, making YA an excellent pipeline for recruiting and retaining loyal, well-trained talent.

of students are uninterested in skilled trades due to lack of exposure and training.

of students go into a technical career following work-based learning through GPS Ed.

5 Reasons Companies Consider Work-based Learning

  1. Build a pipeline of skilled workers
    An opportunity to fill challenging vacancies and maintain institutional knowledge when soon-to-retire workers serve as instructors and mentors to new workers. Training apprentices can help a company accommodate an aging workforce.
  2. Gain workers with customized skills
    Companies have the opportunity to train workers to meet their specific standards, using the exact pieces of equipment, protocols, and procedures that are relevant to your company.
  3. Boost retention
    Decrease worker turnover due to the fostering of greater worker loyalty and productivity. Apprentices are loyal to the companies that invest in them. There is an added sense of loyalty between employers and employees.
  4. Recruitment savings
    Employers can reduce their recruitment costs and also hire better-prepared employees who understand workplace expectations and company culture.
  5. Access a diverse and innovative labor pool
    WBL programs can help cultivate diversity in the talent pipeline by providing the structure, support, and training that people of many different backgrounds need to succeed.
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