White Paper: Work-based Learning Ecosystems

Improving Opportunity for All by Integrating School, Community and the Workplace


48% of non-enrolled young adults joined the workforce instead of going to college.

With almost half the student population looking to get to work, more needs to be done to help them jumpstart their career before high school graduation. At GPS Education, we believe implementing sustainable work-based learning programs in communities throughout the country is the key to building a brighter future.

Expanded Learning Opportunities

Through work-based learning, we give students the opportunity to engage in real-world tasks that happen in the workplace to help them make decisions about their long-term career goals from first-hand, hands-on experience.

Growth Within Communities

When work-based learning programs are successful, families thrive, regions prosper and the nation becomes more resilient in a complex and uncertain world. Together, we can close the gap, develop tomorrow’s workforce and unlock potential in your communities, businesses, schools and students.

A Proven Approach

Whether you need help designing and executing a comprehensive program or assistance in enhancing your current offerings, GPS Education Partners can walk you through our method of building resilient ground-up and scalable work-based learning models.

When you implement a sustainable work-based learning program, the positive impact extends beyond the school itself, also benefiting:


By providing solutions to help close the workforce gap, allowing for industry growth by filling the talent pipeline with the next generation of workers.


By expanding learning opportunities to prepare them for a successful and sustainable future through hands-on, real world work experience.


By creating success opportunities through augmented programming and new connections, thus closing educational and socioeconomic gaps.

Hear some work-based learning testimonials from our partners!

We have received really positive feedback from participants. One of the biggest benefits for students is that they are able to earn high school credits and earn a paycheck to begin their pathway to financial independence. In addition, they can explore college and career options while developing valuable workplace skills and technical competencies—all before graduating from high school.

Dr. Darlene Ruscitti
Superintendent of DuPage County Schools
(GPS Education Partners’ Client Solution)

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