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YOU Can Transform the Future

It is no coincidence that this event will take place at Direct Supply’s Innovation and Technology Center (ITC) located in the heart of Milwaukee School of Engineering’s campus. This unique venue often referred to as a “giant tech sandbox,” was designed to promote collaboration, out-of-the-box thinking, and problem-solving for existing and new innovations. Guests will find secret passageways, suspension bridges, a two-story Betty White moss mural and so much more.

Join GPSEd President and CEO, Stephanie Borowski, and co-host Denise Thomas as they host an evening filled with GPSEd students and Alumni who will share their life-changing before & after stories of transformations through a work-based learning program. Whether you join us to pledge a donation or learn more about GPSEd, you’ll walk away energized by these students’ journeys to becoming our next-generation workforce through innovative learning.

Sponsor a Student. Change a Life.

Traditional education models do not always reflect workplace needs leaving many students, especially those from disadvantaged populations, feeling disconnected from their education and unsure of their purpose in life.

We believe that our students’ change is transformative, and seeing truly is believing. One of the most rewarding aspects of sponsoring a student is getting to know them firsthand, and seeing the difference your generosity makes in their lives. By donating, you are actively changing lives while building a stronger community for all.

To become a sponsor, contact the GPSEd team at devteam@gpsed.org!

Listen to these GPSEd Student Stories and See the Impact

Hear from GPSEd students/alum, Sameria, Jacob, and Vyshaun about their experiences learning outside the traditional classroom setting through the GPSEd program.

Help support more students along their work-based learning journeys

It is also possible to pay by Paypal as well as more traditional payment methods. To pay by PayPal you will need to fill out the form and hit “Secure Payment”. You will then see a button that will allow you to pay by Paypal.

For questions, please contact us at DevTeam@GPSEd.org.