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Customized Work-based Learning Program

Discover and Develop Talent with Meaningful Outcomes

GPS Education Partners serves as an intermediary partner to schools, businesses, and communities to provide scalable, quality work-based learning (WBL) solutions that impact educational systems, talent pipeline needs, and help sustain communities.

By putting our focus on the needs and experiences of our partners, we are able to deliver custom talent solutions that create better pathways for students while delivering measurable business outcomes that drive both personal and economic success.

Talent Development Service Offerings

Whether you need help designing and executing a comprehensive talent solution, or assistance in enhancing your current youth apprenticeship programs, we’ll guide you through a process suited to your needs. This could include anything from building a pilot program to planning and executing an expansion strategy that grows your current program outcomes.

As a leading provider of work-based learning services and programs, our Partner Services Experts are prepared to listen to the needs of employers to establish a plan to solve the growing skills and people gap issues plaguing industries today.

See How Work-based Learning Helps Komatsu Build Their Workforce.

Service Delivery Model for Employers

The four-step process to program success

Service Delivery Model for Employers

Even though manufacturing and technical industries in America are growing and offer competitive careers, 94% of students are not interested in the skilled trades due to lack of exposure and training. We work with you to recruit and develop the next generation of talent based on the skills and culture that your company needs.

Our experts will recognize areas where apprentices can learn and grow in your organization, picking up the hard and soft skills that align with your business needs.

We believe that leaders exist in every organization who have not been recognized yet. We’ll work with you to identify and train mentors, ready to pass along technical knowledge and valuable life skills to young people. It’s the best way for a company to give back to its community and develop new leaders.

Good things happen when businesses and educators work together to transform our communities. We show you how to foster the right strategic partnerships that lead to student employability—strengthening our communities and promoting workforce development.

We provide relationship management tools to foster ongoing collaboration with key partners.

We understand that sustainability is key to launching new workforce training programs. Funding is available for viable youth apprenticeship programs through foundations and grants in your state. We’ll work with you to identify those opportunities, navigate through the application processes and capture the much-needed outcomes to report on your success.

We work with you to design your curriculum that meets your specific graduation requirements while also aligning with industry-specific and job-specific training and technical certifications. Here, students also have the potential to earn stackable credits where learning experiences are recognized by high schools, technical colleges and industry experts.

While other youth apprenticeship programs only offer job shadowing or simulated experiences, we place a high premium on real, work-based learning. We work with you to develop programs that can provide up to 1,500 hours of on-the-job training.

By exposing students to a variety of technical pathways early on, we help students discover their interests and aptitudes. This helps students find their purpose and act on their plan to achieve it, setting them up for successful careers and continued education.

Our proprietary learning management system allows users to track and measure students’ progress and competencies while each student charts out their courses and career paths.

Together, we can close the gap, develop tomorrow’s workforce and unlock potential in your communities, businesses, and schools.

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