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A student’s experience in the work-based learning journey begins with an investment from YOU!

GPS Education Partners (GPSEd) is on a journey to impact the lives of thousands of students, validate technical careers as viable career choices, and provide students and their communities a pathway to prosperity. With support from partners like you, we will help young people be prepared for a productive career and life ahead through work-based learning.

Mike Schlagenhaufer

Manufacturing Consultant
Acuity Insurance

GPS Education Partners [GPSEd] offered us an opportunity to really get involved and help make a difference in the lives of students. By investing in our future workforce, we get to interact with students who are developing their personal and work skills to help employers close their talent gaps. Our partnership has also bolstered our brand with added exposure at in-person events and across social media platforms.

Sponsorship Opportunities

GPS Education Partners (GPSEd) is on a mission to serve 10,000 students by 2026 and with your support, we will reach and surpass that goal. Partnering with GPSEd supports a valuable mission of providing work-based learning opportunities that lead to a productive life for all students. Please review our annual sponsorship program and consider the community exposure and additional marketing benefits your company will receive by partnering with GPS Education Partners.

Once you sign up to become a sponsor, you’ll be connected directly with someone from our Fund Development team to help activate your sponsorship.


Download our 2022-2023 event calendar below to be up to date on important events and dates for sponsorship opportunities for the year.

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Listen to these GPSEd Student Stories and See the Impact

Hear from GPSEd students/alum, Sameria, Jacob, and Vyshaun about their experiences learning outside the traditional classroom setting through the GPSEd program.

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