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Why we exist

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Why we exist

GPS Education Partners is on a journey to change the lives of thousands of students, validate technical career pathways as a viable career choice, and provide students and their communities a pathway to prosperity.

What we aim to solve

Many students struggle to find the connection between their education and an attainable career. A four-year college degree is often touted as the only path to success. At the same time, the gap for skilled workers nationwide continues to widen.

Today’s skilled workforce is aging and the current generation is not embracing technical careers in high-demand industries such as manufacturing, construction or healthcare, just to name a few. Traditional educational models separate education from work experience, which under-serves many students who would prosper from a technical career path. These models foster inequity in access to success for these students, especially among disadvantaged populations as they transition from high school to work to sustainability.

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GPSEd is solving the problem

GPSEd is a nonprofit that has been leading the work-based learning revolution in Wisconsin for more than 19 years. And now we’re on a journey to take on the challenges of a growing education and workforce gap at the national level.

When businesses, communities and educators unite, they can change the future for all of us. We work to create bridges for students and business partners to unite and lift local economies through the development of young leaders. We have seen how exposure to these career pathways—along with meaningful work experiences—can be the difference in bridging the gap. Together, we are creating an impact that lasts a lifetime!

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Work-based Learning.

Check out our 20th Anniversary Publication!

This GPSEd publication is a celebration of our 20 years serving Wisconsin students and partners and introduces our expansion into more states with business, school, and community-led work-based learning solutions. Check it out to hear our origin story, see how far we have come in the last 20 years and read some stories about our students and partners.

The theory of change

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The theory of change

Our methodology for planning, participation and partner evaluation is built on GPSEd’ theory of change for credentialed work-based learning. This is the foundation of our goal to create social change with work-based learning solutions.

It is our goal that in the future, work-based learning becomes an accepted and essential part of the education system for high schools, closing the gap between education and work and providing equity in education to all students.

Our mission

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Our mission

GPSEd is a nonprofit work-based learning solutions provider and advocate, representing our students, businesses, and communities, focusing on access and equity for all students to succeed in careers of the future.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every student can access quality work-based learning to discover a pathway to a productive life.

Accelerated, Customized and Outcomes-based

GPSEd provides a proven, accelerated program to prepare students for technical careers more rapidly than traditional pathways. We customize solutions to meet the unique needs of each of our partners. And most important, we’re focused on the required outcomes of our partners. When students complete the program they have a vision and a plan. They emerge as leaders, ready to take on today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Our core values

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Our core values

Have Impact Graphic

Have Impact

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Be Innovative

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Work with Integrity

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Be Collaborative

Customer Centric

Our Customers are Our Partners