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At GPS Education Partners, our commitment to deliver immersive and innovative learning solutions that prepare students for a technical career still remains as strong today as in 2000 when we launched with just 5 students from a small rural school in Wisconsin- those students needs were not being met in the traditional classroom. When Generac Power Systems retired COO, Dawn Tabat, set out on a journey to connect a student’s academic learning and work experience in a real-work setting within a Generac facility, no one may have guessed that twenty-years later, GPSEd would continue to deliver work-based learning solutions to over 100 more schools and businesses, not just across Wisconsin, but across the Midwest and beyond. 

Many have heard where our story begins but as we celebrate our twentieth anniversary we want to take a minute to thank you and to share the impacts we have made together over the years. Although we have tremendous confidence that we will transform the lives of thousands of more students over the next 20 years, we know that will not do it alone. The strength of our supporters and advocates is our most valuable asset and we look forward to inspiring even more people to continue this journey with the GPSEd staff and board

What Impacts Has Your Support Had?

🧰 Helped Close the Skills Gap
🏫 Increased Educational Equity and Access
🎓 Graduated More Students Career-ready

The GPSEd Manufacturing Youth Apprenticeships Class of 2020 brings our total graduate count to 850! Considering our first eight years were our early development years followed by five years of geographic expansion into Northern Wisconsin, we can all be really proud of building the next-generation workforce.  

Three-year averages for the program continue to show that together, we are transforming lives:

In 2018 we also launched the GPSEd Career Awareness Program that has since served 255 freshman students at Milwaukee Public Schools to help them find a connection between their course work, interests, and talents by providing access to employers through tours and activities that build their interest around technical careers. GPSEd is also gearing up to launch a more immersive Work-based Learning Journey Program with MPS schools as a larger Milwaukee Initiative to provide students in grades nine through twelve with even more opportunities to succeed. 

We hope you are inspired to stay engaged or to reengage with us to help support building a future workforce where all students have the educational access and equity to succeed.

Watch for information coming soon on ways you can get involved or contact us to let us know if you have an idea of how you can help transform another student’s life. Until then, know that we appreciate your support and hope that you and your businesses and families are doing well during these very trying times.

Thank you!

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