GPS Education Partners Featured in EagleHerald

Released 11-2-16

The following story "Another way to learn: Students in Marinette have an alternative" appeared in the EagleHerald on November 2:

Juniors and seniors at Marinette High School now have a different option to learning in a traditional classroom setting. 

The Marinette School District and GPS Education Partners are working together to give students the opportunity to be successful in a different type of learning environment. 

“You know how some people just learn better in different settings?” asked Justin Bardowski, a teacher with GPS. “Some students aren’t made for a typical eight-hour day in a classroom setting. This is an alternative form of education that allows them to be in a different type of setting where it might be easier for them to thrive and do really well. 

“For some students the traditional classroom setting can be like fitting a square peg into a circle hole. We offer the opportunity for student to learn in a personalized, blended-learning structure that is tied to an immersive, work-based environment where students can earn income.” 

According to Bardowski, students are required to attend class at the GPS location in Peshtigo (101 French St.) for two hours a day, then are sent to business partners in the Marinette, Menomonee and Peshtigo areas. Currently there are seven juniors and five seniors utilizing the program...

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