The GPS Class of 2016 High School Graduates are Career and College Ready

Released 6-8-16

75 percent are pursuing careers in technical fields

Released June 28, 2016

Butler, WI – GPS Education Partners is proud of the achievements of its June graduates. Consisting of 11 counties in North and Southeastern Wisconsin, the Class of 2016 represented 88 graduates from 32 school districts.

All students who graduate from the GPS Education Partners program are equipped with an individualized post-graduation plan which prepares them to meet their educational and career goals. In particular, 75 percent of GPS graduates are pursuing a career or continuing their education in a technical field.

Even prior to graduation, 83 percent of GPS Education Partners graduating seniors have earned their Certified Production Technician (CPT) certification from the Manufacturing Standard Skills Council (MSSC). That’s an impressive statistic when compared to the national average for secondary programs, which stands at only 36 percent, according to MSSC.

GPS students also earn a Department of Workforce Development Youth Apprenticeship Certificate and ACT National Career Readiness Certificates (ACT NCRC). Department of Workforce Development certificates show proficiency in a manufacturing pathway and, unique to the GPS program, represents well over 1,500 hours of relevant work experience vs. 900 hours in a traditional youth apprenticeship. Likewise, the ACT NCRC is a nationally recognized certificate used by schools and businesses to identify prospective employees preparedness by measuring math, reading and information location abilities.

“GPS is the catalyst to these students’ success and promising futures that include a family-supporting career; critical employability skills; and lifelong character and leadership development,” said Stephanie Borowski, president of GPS Education Partners.

To date, GPS Education Partners has grown to partner with more than 100 businesses, 44 high schools, 34 school districts and six technical colleges. The organization has graduated nearly 500 students and is recognized as an emerging school-to-work model of excellence by the Department of Workforce Development.

“For the last 16 years, our credentialed, work-based learning model has impacted hundreds of students across the state of Wisconsin. We partner with manufacturing businesses, school districts, technical colleges and the communities in which they serve to uniquely prepare students to succeed while promoting viability for business,” Borowski said.

About GPS Education Partners
GPS Education Partners is an innovative education model that prepares and partners high school juniors and seniors with businesses to accelerate technical education and drive success. Students who complete the rigorous program earn their high school diploma and nationally-recognized manufacturing certifications, as well as develop skills for life and experience a career in manufacturing by participating in a hands-on, immersive, blended learning setting in local manufacturing environments. By connecting the students and employers of today with the job opportunities and technology of tomorrow, the organization is revolutionizing how students prepare for a technical career. For more information, visit, and follow us and on Facebook and Twitter.



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