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Friends and Partners of GPS Education Partners (GPSEd),

The coronavirus pandemic has thrust our communities into uncharted territory. We recognize the impact this is having across the world and want to reassure our business, educational, and community partners and friends, as well as our students and their families that GPSEd is working hard to stay the course.

We understand that many of our customers are focused on getting through today’s challenges, so we want to share how we have adapted our programs and learning to continue developing today’s youth into the next-generation workforce, with the specialized skills that will be needed to reopen all businesses- preventing the widening of the skills gap is critical to our economic recovery, we cannot afford to pull back now.

Our adjustments continue to keep businesses open and students learning:

  • GPSEd staff is working from the safety of their homes and conducting all meetings virtually to continue providing our partners and students services for success.
  • Much of GPSEd’s blended learning curriculum was already being delivered online so we were able to move our 7 Education Centers to virtual learning with minimal disruption. Our instructors are also serving 100% of our students with the same personalized attention given prior to this crisis.
  • Over 70 educational partners including counselors, teachers, principals, and school administrators joined our virtual info session last week to focus on GPSEd Fall enrollment- we are working together to build a stronger future.
  • Working with parents and businesses on safety-first, we are happy to report 50% of our students are still working/learning at partner manufacturers that have been deemed essential!
  • New GPSEd Work-based Learning Intermediary Services are being delivered virtually so that we can provide more solutions to more organizations focused on closing the skills gap.

During this time of uncertainty, we are committed to working together to ensure our students’ future will be brighter than today, we must all pay particular attention to this vulnerable population.

Many of you have asked what you can do to help. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the goodness of our communities to support our student success, so if or when the time is right, all financial or in-kind donations can help make a difference in a student’s journey

GPSEd’s partnerships are strong and we have all made investments in the future so we must all continue our efforts to keep the middle-class working so that our recovery is quick.

Stay Safe,

Stephanie Borowski
President & CEO

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