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Contact: Laura Derpinghaus, Director of Marketing & Communications; GPS Education Partners
Mobile: 262.894.3382
Email: lderpinghaus@gpsed.org

Waukesha, WI. – April 30, 2020 – As the state of Wisconsin prepares for the extension of safer-at-home, GPS Education Partners (GPSEd) will continue to execute their Educational Contingency Plans. Plans ensure the non-profits 170 manufacturing youth apprentices are provided safe guidance in their learning and work placements at essential businesses throughout the northeast and southeast Wisconsin.

“Much of GPSEd’s blended learning curriculum was already being delivered online so we were able to move our seven Education Centers to distance learning with minimal disruption”, said GPSEd’s CEO & President, Stephanie Borowski. She explains that “Preventing the widening of the skills gap is critical to our economic recovery, we cannot afford to pull back now. Our entire staff is focused on meeting our fall enrollment goals and filling the talent pipeline of businesses ready to reopen across the Midwest and beyond”

While businesses and schools are focused on getting through today’s challenges, GPSEd reports some positive program outcomes that continue providing value to its partners:

  • GPSEd instructors are serving 100% of its students virtually.
  • Over 70 educational partners joined a virtual info session in early April to focus on fall enrollment.
  • Working with parents and employers on safety-first, almost half of GPSEd students are still working with businesses deemed essential.
  • Several GPSEd students have adapted their training to support the production of COVID19 related supplies such as IV poles and face masks.

Andy Hepburn, GPSEd’s Chief Innovation Officer, explains, “Work-based learning is not a new concept but it has the power of ensuring all students have access and equity to a good education and a meaningful career.” Hepburn states, “This crisis has shown that we all have a responsibility to ensure the momentum we have created around work-based learning over the years is used to reimagine the future of education.”

As a non-profit, GPSEd relies on its annual Close the Gap fundraising campaign to support the success of a student’s work-based learning journey. Originally scheduled to launch May 1st, 2020, this date has now been rescheduled for August 3rd, 2020.

There’s no simple solution to offering scalable, quality WBL that impacts educational systems, the talent needs of businesses, and the economic development of their communities. Each partner must engage, invest, and support the sustainable experiences required to meet the needs of each student. GPSEd’s Intermediary Services offers the expertise, resources, and support to meet the unique requirements of all of its partners. For more information visit www.GPSEd.org or contact them at info@GPSEd.org. For student/parent sign up for a virtual info session, visit https://gpsed.org/news-events/.

About GPS Education Partners  

GPS Education Partners (GPSEd) is a community-based nonprofit organization and work-based learning (WBL) intermediary to businesses, schools, and community-based organization that offers one of the largest statewide manufacturing youth apprenticeships in Wisconsin and WBL services throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Founded in 2020, GPSEd’s proven education model accelerates student preparation in technical careers through powerful, credentialed work-based learning solutions and addresses the needs of businesses ready to close the skills gap. To learn more visit www.GPSEd.org or email info@GPSEd.org


GPSEd students at Lakeside Manufacturing work together to build IV poles for medical clients during the COVID19 pandemic. Left to right- Photo1:  Sam SzymanskiPhoto 2: Kyler CampionPhoto 3: Noah EastridgePhoto 4: 2018 GPSEd Alumn trains Sam S. on a machine press.

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