Why Donate?

There’s a massive and increasing need for skilled workers.

Did you know less than 66% of Americans who attend a four-year college will graduate? Students are often discouraged as they struggle to connect their education and a meaningful career. And along the way, they are saddled with debt. Yet, the need for skilled labor continues to grow—a staggering two million manufacturing positions are unfulfilled.

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The GPSEd Impact

Growing strong futures

Too many Wisconsin youth are stuck in a cycle of poverty, even though many good-paying technical careers are within reach.

GPSEd works to design, build, execute and assess credentialed Work-based Learning (WBL) solutions that transforms education while addressing the need for workforce development. We believe every student deserves an education that will ensure personal fulfillment and economic success!

Make a difference now

By making a donation, you can create a bright future for a student, while strengthening your local businesses and communities. With your help we can close the achievement gap by providing greater equity in educational support, attainment, and benefits.

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Our Results

For over 18 years, we’ve helped struggling students realize brighter futures with the support of people like you.

Students in our program have the opportunity to graduate career ready, with:

  • High school diploma from home high school
  • Youth Apprenticeship Certificate
  • MSSC Certified Production Technician Certificate
  • ACT National Career Readiness Certificate
  • Pathways to meaningful careers
  • Opportunities to earn postsecondary credit
  • Hard skills, soft skills, and life skills

Graduation Rate

Earned YA Certificate of Occupational Proficiency

MSSC Certified Production Technician Pass Rate

Full Time Employment Rate**

Pursuing Technical Careers

*Numbers based on 3 year (2018-2020) average Alumni outcomes

**Average rate based upon graduation

Meet Josh, a GPSEd student.

How is GPSEd funded?

GPSEd is partially funded through our partnerships with schools and businesses that believe in the transformation of education. This makes up about one-third of our revenue. Our consultative services provide another third of our revenue by developing new work-based learning opportunities.

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The final third of our revenue is generated by fundraising. By reaching out to disadvantaged populations, with a shared vision for equity in education and prosperity for all, with your support, together we will close the gap!

We are making a difference

Our work has been recognized by Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities, earning a position among other honorable nonprofits.

We are also proud of our Platinum Transparency Seal earned from Guidestar, the pioneer in sharing nonprofit information that advances transparency, enabling donors to make informed decisions with their charitable giving.


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Donors & Grants

Our work is made possible thanks to the generosity and support from our many donors. With their help we’re able to work towards closing the workforce gap, giving many students and businesses brighter futures. See our Annual Report for a full listing of donors.