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We can’t wait any longer to Make School Work for everyone.

Reversing America’s thrivability crisis is something YOU CAN invest in thanks to the work-based learning model we pioneered. At GPS Education Partners (GPS Ed) we are committed to building a stronger, more prepared, and ready workforce through the power of work-based learning. Work-based learning powered by GPS Ed brings immersive, innovative, and smart programming to students. Our efforts in Wisconsin and across the nation are defining practices of the future.

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“When we wisely and strategically invest in a workforce, individuals are less likely to make [poor] choices. When people are engaged in meaningful work, you create a space for individuals to thrive and flourish. Businesses win. And, communities win.”

Brandon WigleyBader Philanthropies, Program Officer

The GPS Ed Impact

Growing strong futures

Too many high school students are stuck in a cycle of poverty, even though many good-paying technical careers are within reach.

GPS Ed works to design, build, execute and assess credentialed Work-based Learning (WBL) solutions that transform education while addressing the need for workforce development. We believe every student deserves an education that will ensure personal fulfillment and economic success!

Make a difference now

Despite the commitment from our business and school partners, we are still left with a financial gap that prevents many students from reaching their full potential. We need your help to close this gap so that all students have a pathway to success.

See the Power of
Work-based Learning

Listen to these Student Stories and See the Impact

Hear how GPS Ed students transformed their lives by learning outside the traditional classroom setting through work-based learning.

We are making a difference

Our work has been recognized by Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest and most utilized evaluator of charities, earning a position among other honorable nonprofits.

We are also proud of our Platinum Transparency Seal earned from Candid’s Guidestar, the pioneer in sharing nonprofit information that advances transparency, enabling donors to make informed decisions with their charitable giving.

Additionally, GPS Ed (#27077) is a proud partner of the United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County and we would love your support.

Donors & Grants

Our work is made possible thanks to the generosity and support from our many donors. With their help we’re able to work towards closing the workforce gap, giving many students and businesses brighter futures. See our Annual Report for a full listing of donors.

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