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In Wisconsin, there are lots of opportunities for businesses to connect with schools as well as their communities to foster thriving local economies. It can be difficult, though, to get involved when you are strained for time or resources. Starting a youth apprenticeship program within your business in Wisconsin has long lasting benefits and can be worthwhile with some heavy lifting early on. GPSEd provides Wisconsin work-based learning (WBL) programs and resources, and can demonstrate how we have twenty years of experience helping businesses and their surrounding areas throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship Programs

Work-based learning programs are beneficial for businesses in that they can grow your workforce and help you with onboarding challenges. Students in Wisconsin have a growing interest in the manufacturing industry, and in technical or trade positions for careers after graduating high school. Especially with virtual learning becoming more of the norm, it can be even more difficult for businesses to recruit a next-gen workforce. We will help you build your own WBL program, and teach you how to help students in your local community. GPSEd has helped many around the state of Wisconsin and can help you in your area.

Education Centers around Wisconsin

The GPSEd Education Centers are an essential and convenient part of the youth apprenticeship programs created with GPSEd. Located across the state, the Education Centers are a place for students to learn in the classroom with the flexibility in their schedules to continue their learning at a business. This eliminates any scheduling confusion between the business and the student, and allows the student dedicated times to be at the business learning and other times to be working. Below are the Education Centers locations that are currently working with GPSEd:

  • Hartford, WI – Hartford Finishing / Steel Craft Corporation
  • Milwaukee, WI – James Madison Academic Campus, Lakeside Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Neenah, WI – Menasha Packaging Company
  • Menomonee Falls, WI – Bradley Corporation
  • Franklin, WI – Allis-Roller, LLC
  • Eagle, WI – Generac Power Systems

How to Connect with a School Near You

GPSEd is the intermediary that connects businesses to local opportunities to help bridge the gap and help build businesses based on their goals. There are many schools looking for a business partner to help students succeed at both in school and find work that suites their own interests. GPSEd works across Wisconsin to help businesses find a local workforce eager to learn. GPSEd uses a four-step process to ensure your program’s success for your business and students. Below are the steps that GPSEd uses to learn about your goals and put them to work.

  • Design

GPSEd helps establish business workforce needs, job and skill requirements, career pathways and more to develop a program that will work for your business.

  • Evaluate

GPSEd uses data-driven tracking tools and reviews from both students and businesses to create continuous improvement where needed to execute the strategy for success.

  • Build

GPSEd will begin building the program by recruiting and assessing students, creating the individual student training plans and provide partner training with WBL tools and resources.

  • Execute

GPSEd will put your solution to work by deploying the full program and provide systems and a program playbook for consistent execution. We will also help monitor and report on quality outcome measures.

Ready to get more involved? Sit down with GPSEd and we’ll cover what the four-step process may look like for your business. Learn more about how you can start your own Wisconsin youth apprenticeship program by contacting us, or support your local programs by donating to GPSEd.

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