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I’m honored to serve on the board of GPS Education Partners for the past year. The reason why I dedicate my time and energy to this organization is simple: As industries continue to advance, so do the resources and technology that are needed to make operations run smoothly. The best way to bridge this gap between education and industry knowledge is to support the next generation of leaders with hands-on coursework that allows them to become experts early on in their careers. GPS Ed is more than a cause; it’s a catalyst for change, making a real impact in our community by opening new career paths for the students involved and encouraging them to share their stories with others.

As a board member, I have the privilege of contributing to a collective effort that’s bigger than myself. It’s about helping people, making a difference, and leaving a positive mark on the world. Sharing my experience in business management and medical technology manufacturing allows me to provide insights into the complex world of MedTech, as well as the capital medical equipment commercialization process that MPE is setting the new standard. I’m inspired by the incredible team at GPS Education Partners. As you look for opportunities to support your community, I encourage you to give generously to GPS Ed. Together, we are navigating student success!

To find out more ways you can make an impact on GPS Ed that are beyond your wallet, check out this blog or find out volunteer opportunities with GPS Ed at, https://gpsed.org/volunteer/.

Written By

Heather Culli
Special Projects Coordinator
GPS Education Partners

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