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In today’s rapidly evolving job market, businesses face the critical challenge of connecting with and cultivating the next generation of talent. The gap between emerging industry demands and available skilled workforce is widening, making it imperative for companies to innovate in their recruitment strategies. Engaging with youth not only serves to fill this talent pipeline but also lays the foundation for a robust, future-ready workforce.

In this blog, we’ll explore three effective strategies for businesses to forge meaningful connections with young individuals, thereby securing their role in building the workforce of tomorrow. From hosting guest speakers and tours to forging educational partnerships and making impactful donations, each approach offers a unique opportunity to spark interest and nurture the skills of potential future employees. Dive in to discover how your business can benefit from these initiatives, ensuring a steady stream of motivated and skilled talent ready to take on the challenges of the future.

Here are the top 3 ways to get engaged with youth to fill your talent pipeline indefinitely.

    • Remember the old saying “knowing is half the battle”? That holds true for jobs and careers too. Teaching students about your industry or career is a great way to help them get an idea of what they could do when they think about starting work in the real world.
    • The most engaging and impactful way businesses can help support high schools is to begin a partnership that will help the students in their career development. Many schools have students that are looking for a way to get work experience during their education or pursue their career interests to see if it’s right for them. Businesses often offer manufacturing apprenticeships and internships to get these students in the door. Not only is this great and exciting for the student, the business can also benefit. If you have been looking to partner with a school, learn more about how GPS Ed can help make this connection to schools in need.
    • Another great option for how businesses can support local schools is through donations. Donating to school efforts helps drive the development of their programs and help get them supplies they may need. Donations to local schools and partnership programs like GPS Ed allow businesses to see the impact firsthand, and they often return the favor and make it a point to support businesses that do donate.

Businesses benefit, too!

This isn’t a one-sided venture. Involvement in the local community is already a benefit for businesses to spread the all-important awareness of their business services and brand name. The business partnership with schools can be a great outlet for businesses with a need to fill positions. Manufacturing industry positions, in particular, are often difficult to fill, and this is where businesses can benefit from having a youth apprenticeship program. This helps bring in excited and more focused employees, and businesses can teach and reel in more interest in the industry. These apprentices often turn into knowledgeable full-time employees. This can help reduce training a person through a full-time position.

Overall, businesses can benefit from this partnership by filling positions, creating a great impression on your community and gaining awareness for the business. GPS Ed helps businesses make the connection and communication seamless to begin a new apprenticeship program.

If you are looking to build this within your business contact us and we can help! If you love this cause but aren’t looking for a new program, donations are also a great way to support GPS Ed’s goal to help local businesses and schools. Learn more about how we are able to use our donations to support partners.

Written By

Amanda Daniels an employee of GPS Education Partners

Amanda Daniels
Curriculum and Instructional Design Director
GPS Education Partners

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