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At GPS Education Partners (GPS Ed), we often reflect on how far our graduates have come since joining our family. We understand that many students are eager to move beyond their high school years. As a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting student success, we rely on the generous support of others to continue our life-changing work. When we talk about giving back, it doesn’t always involve opening your wallet. There are numerous ways to be part of this mission and make a significant impact.

Our students, much like you or your graduate, embark on a journey with GPS Ed that transforms their high school experience. Instead of enduring four years of traditional high school education where their unique skills and passions often go unrecognized, GPS Ed offers an alternative path. Through transformative hands-on learning, students discover that their fidgety hands and wandering minds aren’t meant for a traditional classroom; they belong in the real-life workforce. The life-changing experiences we offer have shaped countless success stories.

We often hear the phrase “giving the gift of time, talent, and treasure.” In this series, we’ll explore the ways your time can make a monumental difference. But don’t worry; you’ll also get insights into how to donate your talent and treasure in future blogs.

Our success at GPS Ed lies in expanding access and equity for students, but we also rely on the power of advocacy and sharing real-life experiences. We all remember how we first learned about GPS Ed, whether it was through a counselor, an advertisement, or attending an information session. Imagine how much more inspired and informed new students could be if they heard firsthand accounts from those who have walked the same path. Your journey, post-graduation success, and the value you place on your experience can be a guiding light for prospective students.

Here are some ways you can contribute your time to transform lives and ensure the success of GPS Ed:

  1. Write a Positive Review: Share your GPS Ed experience by leaving a positive review on our Google page. Don’t just rate us; write about the impact we’ve had on your life.
  2. Spread the Word: Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Tell others about GPS Ed and how it has positively influenced your life.
  3. Share Your Story: Send us a letter or video detailing your GPS Ed journey. Your story can be used in our communications to inspire others.
  4. Volunteer to Speak: Offer to talk to new students starting their GPS Ed journey. Your insights and experiences can motivate and guide them.
  5. Impact on Families and Communities: Understand that your contribution doesn’t only affect the student. It also impacts their families and communities. We’d love to hear about these stories too.

By giving back to GPS Ed, you not only experience a sense of pride but also amplify our impact, increase awareness, and ignite excitement about GPS Ed among countless students. Your support, whether inspired by personal experience or other motivations, can be a small effort with a significant impact. Being grateful is just the beginning of our relationship with alumni and their families. With a little time and a lot of compassion, together we can redirect students from their current path towards a new future, just as we did for you.

If you’ve been inspired to donate your time, please visit https://gpsed.org/volunteer/ or contact devteam@gpsed.org to support work-based learning opportunities. Join us in transforming lives through GPS Ed.

If you need more inspiration, check out how some of these students and their families took a little bit of time to give back

An email from Cameron Stone, a current Information Systems and Technology Supervisor at Apple Inc., and 2017 GPS Ed graduate:

Good Afternoon,
My name is Cameron Stone, and I am reaching out as a GPS Education Partners alumni. I graduated in 2017, and, after finding relative success, I felt it was only right to reach out and thank those that I owe it to. I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to not just those in the classroom, but also those who didn’t work FOR GPS Education Partners but were still dedicated to seeing improvement and success in the students on the work floor nonetheless. Many, many students owe their high school diploma to your wonderful program. With GPS Ed, I believe it goes beyond the diploma. A big portion of it was getting comfortable on the work floor, in the REAL world. What’s a high school diploma without the real-world work experience that many students will inevitably need after graduation? GPS Ed gave all that to me; Ethics, confidence, motivation, and success.  And, on top of it all, the memories and the friendships. Thank you, and may your program see continued success; not just in itself, but in its students to come.

Daniel Breen, father of 2019 GPS Ed graduate Tia Breen, commented on this in a GPS Ed post:

A special thanks to the GPS Education program for allowing my daughter the chance to take a path less traveled and find a field of unlimited opportunities. She was afforded an accelerated pace to a career without a financial burden to start her out, plus a mentor to motivate her towards continued growth.

Google review from Brian Payson:

What a great program!  An alternative to the “traditional” high school.  Our son was a failing student and was certain to not graduate on time.  This program gave him an opportunity to change his life and he took advantage of it.  Not only will he graduate on time, but he will also have a full-time job in the manufacturing trade due to this program.  Can’t say thank you enough to all those who helped with his success in this program.  A++++

Written By

Alyssa Derpinghaus
GPS Education Partners

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