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A little background, Kevin Fleming is a community college dean in California and a CEO of Telos Educational Services, an international consulting firm which provides keynote presentations, animated videos, research, and organizational strategy with expertise in the educational sector. Previously, Dr. Fleming served as Dean of Instruction, Career & Technical Education (Norco College) after analyzing industry trends to provide economic development and labor market research through the Centers of Excellence for the California Community College system; the largest public educational system in America. He founded the National Center for Supply Chain Automation funded by the National Science Foundation (Washington DC). Dr. Fleming has also founded four companies in different service sectors (West Coast All Stars LLC, Green LMI, Living The Ritual, and Telos Educational Services), and serves on the advisory boards for Paragon, Inc. and California Baptist University’s School of Education.

He is pretty well known as a thought leader in the education space so he understands what success means for a student in today’s world. Many years ago, the path to success for a student was to graduate high school and go to college to earn a four-year degree. Today, that is simply not the ONLY path to a successful future anymore. Check out the video below to hear Kevin Fleming discuss the new concept for success in the new economy.

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