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Work experience programs for high school students can help them build industry knowledge and provide these students a leg up for finding a job after graduation. The hands-on training that work based learning offers prepares students to excel in full time jobs after high school. Not only are these jobs full time, they are also often beyond entry-level positions, meaning a higher annual income right after graduation. GPS Education Partners works closely with students to find a career that suits them and prepares students for graduation with the appropriate skills and a network of business partners looking for full time employees.

Graduate with Full Time Employment Opportunities

Students at GPS Education Partners graduate with valuable certifications for the manufacturing industry to help their potential employability. The hands-on work experience program prepares high school students for full time employment. The technical and soft skills learned through work-based learning prepare students to start their career beyond an entry-level position. Students can accept job offers with higher wages than an average student graduating high school. Already starting at a higher than entry-level job, these students are already a step ahead to make further advancements within the industry.

Make Money, Avoid Debt!

A common problem for students to face in achieving their degree or career is education debts. A part of GPS Education Partners’ goals is to create an affordable alternative option for high school students to get their degree and begin their career. With the help of the business, community, and education partners of GPS Education, students can gain access to an affordable work experience program in their local area. These manufacturing apprenticeship opportunities help students find what they enjoy doing and then create a career from it starting in high school. Students build their resumes and pursue a career, all while making money at their apprenticeship. Students can make between $8.25–$12.50 an hour at their manufacturing apprenticeship. Not only are students working towards their high school degree, they are working towards building their career and life skills.

Are you an interested student? Learn more about our work-based learning program and how you can earn while you learn! Contact us.

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