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A quality work experience program built for high schoolers can help them identify their career interests and a potential career path. Students often have a hard time deciding on a career path or college major because of the lack of experiences in a working field. High school work experience programs help students stay interested in school and identify their career interests early in their career. Students that participate in work experience programs are often more likely to graduate and find a job right after school that will open doors for them thereafter.

Work Experience Programs Keep Students Interested

Students that benefit from work experience programs are often bored in class, uninterested in school, or have a hard time applying schoolwork into the real world. High school work experience programs are great for students that want more hands-on work and are looking for a non-traditional school and internship experience. Students can get experience in hard to enter industries with these programs and find out firsthand if it is a match for their interests.

Students Identify Career Options Firsthand

Students in work experience programs benefit from learning firsthand from industry professionals in a work environment. The connections students make with mentors, team leads, and others in the workplace can help them gain a deeper understanding of the industry. This helps the student find if the industry or job is something they want to pursue. If it is not a fit, at least the student is one step closer to finding their dream career. Students can solve any debates or questions about their future career path by putting themselves out there and giving it a try.

      closing the skills gap with student worker with hands on manufacturing job

GPS Education Partners offers a work experience program that connects students, with businesses to promote early work experience and give students a unique opportunity to build their work resume along with taking classes.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you start your search for a career.

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