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GPS Education Partners (GPSEd) celebrated Manufacturing Month in October by attending a number of key events focused on the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing Month is important to GPSEd because many of our partnering businesses are in the manufacturing industry and we couldn’t do what we do without them. Aside from the events we also want to recognize women in manufacturing and the growing demographic in this industry.

Wisconsin Manufacturing Month Events

In October, there were many exciting opportunities to reach students interested in the Manufacturing industry. Below are a few events that GPSEd attended to celebrate the industry and help students learn more about it.

  • WI Manufacturing & Technology Show: October 5th-7th
  • Manufacturing Career Expo: October 10th-21st
  • Manufacturing 1st: Oct. 27th-29th

Students got in on the action too! GPSEd students took part in career fairs that introduced them to new businesses and career opportunities. Career fairs are a great place to learn more about jobs and careers that are available from employers directly. This opportunity can also help our students learn to build confidence and push themselves to speak to employers about their career goals.

Celebrating GPSEd Women In Manufacturing Month

GPSEd also celebrated women in manufacturing, not just in October but all year long. Manufacturing is a growing industry and normalizing this industry for women is part of our goal to bring light to the immense opportunities in manufacturing. We currently have 19 strong women in our youth apprenticeship program this year and we are excited to see how they grow in their careers. To help celebrate our strong women in our program, we had one of our students, Serenity join our panel at Manufacturing First presented by First Business Bank (pictured below). She did amazing by not only giving great insight on what it means to be a GPSEd apprentice but what it’s like to be a women apprentice working in the manufacturing world. We strive for our students to feel that they can do anything they put their minds to, especially in a field where women are not a big population in the trades. That is why we work hard to have many female mentors throughout our Education Centers to help guide our students and bring more awareness of women in the manufacturing industry.  

If you are looking for more information about future events that GPSEd will be attending, check out our calendar here. If you have any questions about our youth apprenticeship program we are happy to help, contact us today

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