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Here at GPSEd, we are excited to introduce a new series of video content that revolves around our GPSEd students called “Letters to Our Younger Selves.” Our alumni reflect on what they would tell their younger selves about the GPSEd experience and how they have found themselves transformed. For students, it’s not always easy to see a clear path when it comes to education and life after high school. These letters help give insight into what a student can achieve within themselves through work-based learning programs for high school students.

Vyshaun is a GPSEd alumnus that learned that he could overcome people saying that he may never get far. Part of Vyshaun’s message to his younger self is to “keep going” and that someday he would become a leader and someone others could go to for help. You can learn more from Vyshaun in his letter to his younger self.

Jacob, another GPSEd alumnus, speaks in his letter to himself to keep moving even though school right now seems hard. Jacob would tell himself that traditional school was not for him. Working with his hands and seeing work come to life in manufacturing while getting an education will make him more motivated and excited for school and the future. Hear more from Jacob in his letter to his younger self.

Sameria’s letter to her younger self reminds her that she has the resilience to pass the current storm and excel. Communication, financial stability, and proactivity are just a few skills that she will learn in a work-based learning program for high school students at GPSEd. Learn more about Sameria and read her letter to her younger self.

This series was created to highlight real students speaking about their own growth at GPSEd. The transformations are real. Students at GPSEd empower themselves through work and education that makes sense to them. One major takeaway from our alumni is to keep going, even though it seems difficult. Our work-based learning program for high school students can be a game-changer. You truly will see yourself transform.

If you want to learn more, contact us at GPSEd. If you liked the “Letters to Our Younger Selves” series, let us know and check out some more videos about GPSEd and our students in our media library here.

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