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Stephanie Borowski, President and CEO of GPS Education Partners (GPSEd), writes about the importance of bringing students, businesses, and communities together to solve the growing workforce shortage gripping Wisconsin. “Creating a Workforce That Closes All the Gaps” requires employers to shift their thinking from “hiring” employees to “developing” them, and that development cannot start too early. 

Stephanie shares that, “by connecting today’s classroom with tomorrows careers, students will gain greater awareness of well-paying jobs available to them”. Her article focuses on using work-based learning opportunities to develop students interest in technical careers before they graduate high school. Employers who offer work-based learning programs also benefit by having the outcomes of this education aligned to their business needs. 

Stephanie admits that “deploying a quality work-based learning strategy within a business is not an easy task”, but shares how GPSEd has been playing a key role in streamlining the talent development process for employers for almost 20 years. 

By providing work-based learning intermediary services across businesses and schools that deliver results, together, we are promoting personal and economic success for employers and communities to help close all the gaps.

Read Stephanie’s full article on Creating a Workforce That Closes All the Gaps on page 26 in Wisconsin Business Voice magazine.

Download a PDF version of  Stephanie’s full article here.
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