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A business partnership with schools can have long lasting benefits on the success of the community and both partners. Businesses that include work-based learning programs or partner with schools can help build their businesses and meet long-term employment goals. There are many ways a business can support local schools and partner with them including the creation of work-based learning apprenticeship programs or donations to drive school development. Let us dive into how businesses can make this connection and how exactly this can benefit them long-term.

How Can Businesses Support Local Schools?

The first great option for how businesses can support local schools is to donate. Donating to school efforts help drive development of their programs and help get them supplies they may need. Donations to local schools and partnership programs like GPSEd allow businesses to see the impact firsthand, and they often return the favor and make it a point to support businesses that do donate.

The most engaging and impactful way businesses can help support high schools is to begin a partnership that will help the students in their career development. Many schools have students that are looking for a way to get work-experience during their education or pursue their career interest to see if its right for them. Businesses often offer manufacturing apprenticeships and internships to get these students in the door. Not only is this great and exciting for the student, the business can also benefit. This is a great way to support schools in their goal to help every student succeed. If you have been looking to partner with a school, learn more about how GPSEd can help make this connection to schools in need.

How Does The Business Benefit?

So, what’s in it for the business you may ask. Although this is a great opportunity for schools to help their students, businesses can also find many benefits of this partnership. Involvement in the local community is already a benefit for businesses to spread awareness of their business services and brand name. With schools in particular, businesses can gain long-term, knowledgeable employees. The business partnership with schools can be a great outlet for businesses with a need to fill positions. Manufacturing industry positions are often difficult to fill, and this is where businesses can benefit from having an apprenticeship program. This helps bring in excited employees, and businesses can teach and reel in more interest in the industry. These apprentices often turn into knowledgeable full-time employees. This can help reduce training a person through a full-time position.

Overall, businesses can benefit from this partnership by filling positions, creating a great impression on your community and gain awareness for the business. GPSEd helps businesses make the connection and communication seamless to begin a new apprenticeship program.

If you are looking to build this within your business contact us and we can help! If you love this cause but aren’t looking for a new program, donations are also a great way to support GPSEd’s goal to help local businesses and schools. Learn more about how we are able to use our donations to support partners.

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