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Many of the students that join GPS Education Partners have told us they feel disconnected from their education and unequipped for life and work after school. They’re often unsure of their purpose and unaware of the options beyond traditional education.
GPSEd is helping to provide other education options while closing the experience, skills and opportunity gaps. Through hands-on exposure and career preparation, we help students identify and explore career interests through practical experience. This is how GPS is helping students reach their potential.

Growing with GPSEd

Before GPSEd, many students express a high level of uncertainty for where their lives are headed. It can be hard to concentrate in a traditional school setting and there isn’t much time left to pursue interests or work options outside of school hours. Many imagine getting a job at a fast food restaurant for extra income but haven’t had the guidance or opportunity to put much thought into a career beyond that.

Students like Kyle, Marco and Jacob have been introduced to a work-based learning model that enable them to gain the skills that are valued by employers but are often challenging to teach in traditional classrooms. Skills such as collaboration, proactiveness, and understanding workplace expectations. With these newfound skills, they’ve realized a sense of empowerment and focus.

For Marco, this was the draw. “I’ve learned a lot about what I want to pursue after high school and the program helps you become a better person and hard worker.”

Preparing for the Future

Through GPSEd, students have access to a curriculum that meets their specific graduation requirements along with the resources and mentorship to align them with industry and job-specific training and technical certifications. GPSEd students also are able to earn stackable credits recognized by high schools, technical colleges, and industry experts. This ‘career test drive’ allows them to create and work towards career goals of their own choosing.

When asked of his experience with GPS, Kyle said, “It’s awesome because you get work experience and you’re not in the classroom as long as you would be in a usual school setting.” The work experience and skills he is learning through GPS will be used beyond graduation to give him a head start in the workforce.

Coming out Ahead

The GPSEd approach has enabled students like Kyle, Marco, and Jacob to reflect on their interests, set career goals, and develop the skills and understanding needed for a productive future.

“GPS gave me a head start compared to other kids coming out of high school. I already have two years of business experience now,” Jacob said of his time spent in GPSEd. As he and the other students continue to strive toward a goal of pursuing a technical career, they’re now equipped with the foundation of the hard and soft skills to do so. These are exactly the results we hope to inspire in future GPS students.

If you want to help other students like Jacob, Kyle, and Marco find meaningful careers through work based learning, help GPS close the gap between workforce and learning. Right now, our Close the Gap campaign is being matched dollar for dollar by an anonymous donor. Your donation means more now than ever. Donate today!

Interested in becoming a part of the GPS Program? You can find more information about it here.

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