What will GPS Education Partners' students learn?

The GPS Education Partners program is a competency-based, immersive learning experience aligned to education and industry standards. GPS Education Partners’ unique model is designed to prepare students for success in technical careers by using measurable, transferable learning objectives delivered through work-based learning experiences.

Curriculum Standards

Students complete core academics while learning skills they will need throughout their careers and technical education. This means GPS students have a unique opportunity to achieve:

  • High school graduation requirements
  • Career and college readiness, including ACT National Career Readiness Certification
  • Technical college credits and credentials (where available)
  • Career-focused employment skills based on industry and local business’ needs

GPS students also receive the following industry certifications upon graduation:

  • Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Youth Apprenticeship Certification 
  • Manufacturing Skill Standards Council Certification

Core Subjects
Like any high school experience, GPS curriculum covers core subjects in line with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction standards. This includes: math, science, language arts and social studies. 

Career and Technical Education
2017 marked a year with new mandates, requiring school boards to comply with the new requirements in PI 26 - Education for Employment (with Academic and Career Planning). GPS Education Partners has been helping students plan their post-graduate academic and career success for years and our curriculum reflects that. In addition to regular coursework, every student will learn more about manufacturing, blueprint reading, career exploration and apprenticeship training.

Personal Growth and Development
We help young men and women transition into adulthood by teaching personal literacies like lifetime fitness, character and leadership development, information technology and financial literacy. They become leaders in their community -- having given back in meaningful ways through volunteering, donating and advocating for causes that directly impact their hometowns, from organizing food drives and blood drives to building homes and reading to young children in urban and rural communities. When GPS students graduate, they are ready to join us as colleagues, co-workers and productive members of the community.