GPS Education Partners: Our Story

Second Chance Partners for Education, a youth apprenticeship program that is known today as GPS Education Partners, was started by Dawn Tabat. At the time, Tabat was the COO of Generac Power Systems, the host company behind the initiative.  
The program begins with:

  • 1 School District
  • 1 Business Partner
  • 5 Students

The program expands beyond Generac. Another business partner joins the movement as well as two more school districts. The student count also increases by over 400 percent. 

  • 3 School Districts
  • 2 Business Partners
  • 22 Students
  • 21 Graduates

The program expands to the Northern Region of Wisconsin, and now has partners and students split between the North and South Regions of the state. 

  • 11 School Districts
  • 18 Business Partners
  • 54 Students
  • 95 Graduates

Second Chance Partners for Education is rebranded as GPS Education Partners. GPS Education Partners launch an advanced manufacturing certificate pathway pilot. 

  • 35 School Districts
  • 115 Business Partners
  • 200 Students
  • 290 Graduates

As of 2016, GPS Education Partners has served nearly 500 students. To date, we have partnered with more than 100 businesses and serve more than 45 high schools throughout the state of Wisconsin. We have also strengthened our commitment to manufacturing, now supporting 14 different industries from papers, primary metals and plastics to chemicals, computers and electronic products.