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Missed our info sessions and tours this year? Interested in a work-based learning opportunity in our Manufacturing Youth Apprenticeship program? Visit our Interested Students page to learn more and how to get started today!


Work-Based Learning Ecosystems:
Improving Opportunity for All

When work-based learning programs are successful, everyone benefits. Download our new white paper to learn how!



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We partner with businesses like yours
to help solve talent pipeline needs.


WBL Training Hours


Career Pathways Mapped


Students Pursuing Technical Career

We introduce businesses to engaged students seeking technical careers through work-based learning solutions including internships, youth apprenticeships and more. Hundreds of businesses trust us to help close the workforce gap.
*Numbers based on 3 year (2018-2020) average Alumni outcomes

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We match real needs with real people.


Wisconsin Communities Served


High School Partners


Students Served Annually

By partnering with schools and businesses across Wisconsin, GPSEd helps communities close the skill gap by introducing students to the working world. We can help your community grow through the power of work-based learning.

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Work-based learning gives students
new opportunities to succeed.


Student to
Teacher Ratio


Graduation Rate


Full Time Employment Rate

The traditional education model isn't for everyone. We give students access to new opportunities through work-based learning. These are real work experiences that accelerate career readiness and increase employability, all while instilling a sense of purpose in their education.
*Numbers based on 3 year (2018-2020) average Alumni outcomes

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Helping schools increase student success.


School Districts Served


Business Partnerships


Attendance Rate

Foward-thinking businesses and schools partner with GPSed to identify high school students and match them with real work experiences. Together, we help students develop the employability skills needed to succeed.
*Numbers based on 3 year (2017-2019) average Alumni outcomes. No record for attendance for 2020 due to COVID-19.

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We prepare skilled workers for the modern workplace environment.
We build communities through partnerships that lead to opportunities.
We help young people understand the potential of their future.
20 Years.
Thousands of students. And lifetimes changed forever.
Students / Families
Students / Families

The Work-based Learning Journey

Connecting today’s classroom to tomorrow’s careers
Find where your journey begins below

Career Awareness Career Awareness


Grades 8–10

Career Exploration Career Exploration


Grades 9–11

Career Experience Career Experience


Grades 10–12

Career Preparation Career Preparation


Grades 12–14

Career Development Career Development


Grades 12–16

We help students transition from the learning environment to the working environment by providing first-hand experience in meaningful technical careers. This early career exposure prepares students for life as working adults and creates opportunities for schools, businesses and communities.

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Working with our business and education partners, we bring awareness to students about numerous industries and vocations.

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Student BenefitsDiscover your passions and interests, and how they can relate to an attainable career.

School BenefitsIgnite a sense of purpose in students by creating relevance between school and work through real world interactions.

Employer BenefitsDemonstrate the impact your work has on the community while increasing student awareness of technical careers.

Through applied career exploration, we bring job-relevance to students in their educational setting.

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Student BenefitsExplore potential career pathways and start creating a data-driven career plan.

School BenefitsIncrease student interest in academics with work-based learning experiences.

Employer BenefitsAlign student’s interests and aptitudes with job opportunities that meet your employment needs.

We intersect school and workplace environments with practical education programs and customized vocational training.

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Student BenefitsLearn valuable hard and soft skills while building an impressive portfolio through on-the-job training.

School BenefitsProvide new learning opportunities that give students the work-experience needed to validate their pathway choice.

Employer BenefitsTrain and develop the future workforce to create a more robust, diverse and innovative talent pipeline.

Through on-site work experience, we prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary for productive, fulfilling careers.

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Student BenefitsGain work experience in your desired career pathway while taking classes that advance your career options.

School BenefitsIncrease student engagement in academic coursework related to their desired careers.

Employer BenefitsTeach students the skills necessary to thrive in your workforce while increasing your productivity.

Students develop professionally through WBL, becoming productive members in their community.

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Student BenefitsImplement a personalized career-training plan, whether that means securing employment in your desired job or continuing education.

School BenefitsIncrease the amount of students who graduate career-ready.

Employer BenefitsGain access to highly motivated employees, already trained and developed to meet your company’s needs.

The Work-based Learning Journey.

Connecting today’s classroom to tomorrows careers.

The GPSEd work-based learning continuum includes career awareness, exploration, experience, preparation and development for students in technical industries.


“The jumpstart I got through GPS propelled me into a career with tons of potential. I was way ahead of the game the day I started.”
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