Be a Vital Player in Manufacturing’s Next Generation

You are faced with increasingly complex employment challenges as you look toward your company’s future. An aging workforce, rising employability gap and an increase of disinterested youth in the field are likely among your top staffing concerns.

Hear more from one of our business partners, Advanced Mold/EDM Supplies, in their video testimony below.

GPS partners with high schools to discover students with a passion to learn in a hands-on environment like your's and Mark's. 

Each student’s day is divided between classroom learning and work-based training. A mentor at the workplace assists students in their day-to-day activities. Further, the mentor supports, empowers and teaches students critical, life-long skills they can apply in the workplace and in everyday life.

GPS students experience a variety of careers in the program through rotations between partner manufacturers. This allows them to explore different work environments and business cultures, and to take on different roles and responsibilities.

The program gives manufacturers an engaged, young apprentice. These students can fill needed responsibilities throughout the organization. More often than not, it’s also an opportunity to train your future workforce “from scratch.” To learn more about our program, click here