There's something different about the GPS education curriculum

Posted: 07-19-16

The GPS Education Partners unique education model features a cutting-edge curriculum which can be challenging, but rewarding. High school students will earn their diploma, experience a career in manufacturing and develop hard skills and soft skills which they can use for rest of their lives.

These are today’s classes for today’s jobs.

The curriculum is approved by each school district and all instruction takes place at a local business partner facility. Instructors are state certified and licensed in specific content areas while student assessments drive classroom instruction.

This means our curriculum follows a self-directed growth model.

Our model tracks student engagement by using an increasingly demanding points system. Students will complete at least 90 days at each level of growth while earning points for attendance, academic progress, community service involvement, demonstrated growth in academic assessments, character/leadership development, manufacturing skills and rated performance reviews in both the classroom and the workplace.

As a blended-learning program, students will typically attend class for two hours every morning then go to their work rotations where they will experience on-the-job training. These are real jobs, ranging from entry-level to advanced, and all of our students get paid for the work they do!

If you are interested in learning more about the program, visit our enrollment page. 


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