Q&A with Alumni Coordinator

Posted: 02-8-17

We sat down with the GPS Alumni Coordinator, Joel O'Brien, who is also in charge of Career and College Readiness. He told us about the different ways GPS can help our alumni and has a few, key pieces of advice to share. 

Q&A With Joel O'Brien

1. What is your title at GPS? 

Career and College Readiness / Alumni Coordinator 

2. What do GPS students do after graduation? 

The majority of GPS graduates pursue careers in technical fields such as manufacturing. In working towards their career goals, many alumni also enroll in  post-secondary training with technical colleges and universities within the University of Wisconsin (UW) system. 

3. Are there any activities/events that alumni can add to their calendar for 2017? 

A committee plans events for alumni on a quarterly basis, so there is always an opportunity for alumni to connect with each other and with past instructors. We are also looking for alumni to help with event planning! Anyways, the next GPS alumni event is Alumni Bowling on February 22 at the Thirsty Duck in Wauwatosa from 5:30-7:30PM. Alumni can RSVP by emailing marketing@gpsed.org.   

4. What resources are out there for GPS alumni? 

We send job openings from our business partners to GPS alumni a few times every month. GPS also reaches out to alumni in order to follow-up regarding their post-secondary plans following graduation. If alumni are seeking careers or searching for direction and assistance post-secondary education, they can also reach out to me directly as the Career and College Readiness / Alumni Coordinator.

5. Any advice for our alumni?  

Make the most out of the opportunities and resources that are available to you, within GPS Education Partners and beyond. Also, never stop learning -- our fast-changing economy always rewards individuals who continue learning new skills.

6. Any heartwarming stories or messages from alumni that you'd like to share?

It is moving anytime I reach out to an alumnus and they share how the GPS Education Partners program has made a positive impact in their life, allowing them to set and achieve their goals. Similarly, it is also exciting when you are able to connect an alumnus with a business partner employment opportunity that turns out to be a perfect match for both sides of the table.

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