Mutual of America Community Partnership Award

Posted: 10-20-16

The Mutual of America Community Partnership Award recognizes outstanding nonprofit organizations in the United States that have shown exemplary leadership by facilitating partnerships with public, private or social sector leaders who are working together as equal partners, not as donors and recipients, to build a cohesive community that serves as a model for collaborating with others for the greater good.  

"GPS is humbled to be recognized by Mutual of America," said Stephanie Borowski, President & CEO of GPS Education Partners. 

"We strive to be the catalyst to these students’ success and promising futures that include a family-supporting career; critical employability skills; and lifelong character and leadership development," Borowski explained. 

Each year, the Mutual of America Foundation sponsors a national competition in which hundreds of organizations demonstrate the value of their partnership to the communities they serve, their ability to be replicated by others and their capacity to stimulate new approaches to addressing significant social issues. 

Since its inception in 1996, the Community Partnership Award has recognized 200 partnerships from cities and towns all across America. A full announcement is expected later this year and more information is available on Mutual of America's website.

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