Happy Holidays from GPS Education Partners!

Posted: 12-21-16

Merry Christmas to our students, parents, business partners, education partners and community supporters! 

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On the twelfth day of Christmas, GPS gave to me... twelve proud parents! 

Our students are a part of a very select group of young people who have dedicated themselves to the idea that their education should not only be rigorous, but life-changing as well. They fill their families with pride as they choose a path that is in some ways more challenging than traditional education, with early mornings and long days of learning and working. As a result, our graduates are prepared for anything they might choose in their futures: a rewarding career with our business partners, the pursuit of higher education and even service to our country in the military. 

On the eleventh day of Christmas, GPS gave to me... eleven community leaders! 

Not only are GPS Education Partners students immersed within the manufacturing environment during their time in our program, they are also immersed within the communities that support them.

On the tenth day of Christmas, GPS gave to me... ten student interviews!

Did you know that GPS Education Partners provides students with resources so each student can achieve a three-year post graduation plan? From interviews and career fairs to industry networks and technical education credits, our students get an advantage.

On the ninth day of Christmas, GPS gave to me... nine mentors teaching!

The state of Wisconsin has a remarkably long and forward thinking history in youth apprenticeship programs and so does GPS Education Partners. We have been working with mentors for more than 15 years to make sure we are sharing industry knowledge and experience to the next generation. 

On the eighth day of Christmas, GPS gave to me... eight awesome partners! 

We have more than 100 corporate partners who are not only leaders in developing the next generation workforce, but also directly impact our students' lives. Without awesome partners, like Generac Power Systems Inc., we couldn't do what we do! 

On the seventh day of Christmas, GPS gave to me.... seven welders welding! 

On average, 92% of GPS graduates enter into technical careers after graduation. And half report employment through participating business partners. 

On the sixth day of Christmas, GPS gave to me... six students achieving! 

We have over 200 students this semester. An average 10:1 student to teacher ratio allows for a personalized model with customized plans so students can learn at their own pace. GPS students also graduate with their peers, receiving high school diplomas from their home districts. 

On the fifth day of Christmas, GPS was thankful for... five donor gifts! 

Communities like ours need champions like Accenture who serve and influence others for the greater good, committing to initiatives that have a far-reaching, lasting impact. Did you know that a team of Accenture employees volunteer to review our students’ resumes and conduct mock interviews? They have been so helpful in building our students’ self-confidence and leadership skills!

On the fourth day of Christmas, GPS gave to me... Four graining belts! 

Research has shown that apprenticeships offer many benefits to employers. By investing in talent development and on-the-job training through apprenticeships, employers gain a pipeline of skilled workers (with customized skills), boost retention and improve the bottom line. 


On the third day of Christmas, GPS gave to me... three blueprints! 

We know that the skills gap is also a knowledge gap. It's why we value apprenticeships! We believe on-the-job training, like blueprint reading, can be taught alongside mathematics and engineering in the classroom.


On the second day of Christmas, GPS gave to me... two welders' gloves! 

With demand for skilled welders rising and the technology of welding becoming more advanced (think automation), GPS Education Partners students have a unique opportunity to pursue a real career that can be shaped around their interests. 

On the first day of Christmas, GPS gave to me... A certificate from MSSC (Manufacturing Skill Standards Council)! 

Students in the GPS Education Partners program set themselves apart because they become Certified Production Technicians (CPT) while they are still in high school. They demonstrate mastery of safety; quality practices and measurement; manufacturing processes and production; maintenance awareness. 

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